Full Stack Developer. JavaScript, React, Node, GraphQL.

You went missing, leaving her alone in this remote house for four days.’ The angry son asked his dad.

It is all good now. Let him come in first. He should be hungry.’ Meera tried to ease the situation.

When did you come? It is good to see you back.’ Murti entered the house patting his only son.

I’m going to get Mom with me this time. It is not safe for her here. It has never been safe for her. She is sixty-seven.

Oh. Yes. I see her luggage nicely packed already.’ Murti did not show any emotions.

We were afraid you won't come back Murti. Your son had to come all the way from *a developed nation*’ Murti’s long time friend Narayanan was there along with the other forest department who rescued Murti and others from the landslide. …

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