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UI/UX, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.

Have a look at the Zillow registration page below. It may look a bit verbose and busy. It may seem like we can take away the password requirements. Should it be there even before the user types it?

Many sites won’t show the password requirements until the user finishes typing it. If we have a strict password policy that fails on the first attempt, the user would most probably say out loud,

So, I don’t really see a problem in the way…

One teacher can teach the whole world today. For all of human history, knowledge was spread pretty slowly and the need for teachers was needed everywhere. Not anymore.

Photo by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash

One musician can entertain the whole world today. Before we invented phonautograph, if a person wants to be amused by music, it takes enormous luck to be born in a city where musicians play frequently or it takes effort and wealth to travel to the place where the musicians play. It has gradually become almost free to listen to all sorts of music around the world.

One person can destroy the whole…

On the day of the incident, You knowingly stayed late in Minister Sinclin’s house. Isn’t it? When your work rule clearly says you can not stay after nine when both the parents are home.’ a judge in the congregation asked.

No! Siclin came an hour past ten that day. I have stayed late many such days with Mrs. Siclin and babies.’ Anna remembered. She stood there looking pale and exhausted with an eight-month bump. Anna’s parents were sitting in the visitors' area looking not proud. ‘I can not stand for too long. I need a seat.’ Anna asked.

That is…

What stops the business owners from employing a never-hungry robot for delivery compared to employing a physical-hungry-able person is not the empathy towards the fellow humans but the cost of the robot.

The cost of automated things stay high compared to manually operated machines for reasons ranging from,

  • Greedy corporations and their patent costs.
  • Impotent engineers failing to come up with efficient solutions.
Photo by Rhys Moult on Unsplash


Hundreds of millions of people rely on driving for a living. In the below article, CNBC says,

In 2015, some 15.5 million workers in the U.S. worked in jobs related to driving, according to an August 2017…

I’m going to turn off the stove now. Anybody wants some more omelets or dosas?’ The cook asked.

I, a college student eating late at night with friends thought, Why can’t the cook turn on the stove again if we want more?

The answer is, as all grown-ups know, it takes time and energy to make the pan hot again.

Cooking in every household is a collective waste of energy. It is equivalent to 1.5 average vehicle occupancy in the USA. But it is not as discussed as the car-occupancy-problem.

Today engineering permits in such a way that ‘One person can teach the whole world’ which has never been possible and not appreciated to a fraction of its potential.

I Want This Product #2

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

Problems with full online learning for kids

  • Certification of education from an authorized provider.
  • But, I can't ask doubts in class!
  • Lack of human relationship.

Key points of our ‘truly international school’

  • Millions of students can opt into subjects.
  • Subjects curriculum will be devised and taught by who-ever-the-expert in the field is.
  • We all know, the live streaming is a mess, and the classes will be carefully narrated, edited, and illustrated with animations.
  • Students will be taught to research online…

Intelligent noise cancellation earbuds that work in tandem with our sleep cycle and do wonders.

I Want This Product #1


The world is noisy. The world outside of our bedrooms or our beloved ones’ snoring and coughing. Getting interrupting in sleep continuously may lead to slow deterioration of mental and physical health.

Internal noise

Along with the external noises, our internal noises can disturb our sleep too. We may have an urging thought that keeps us awake in a perfectly calm environment too.

Sample sleep phases of a random innocent user. (Wikimedia)


The user will become healthier If we can record and repair the sleep phases of the user to match…

You want to make coffee.

Image with a voice assistant sitting besides a jar of flakes.
Image with a voice assistant sitting besides a jar of flakes.

Scenario #1: Touch Interface

Your mobile phone has complete access to the coffee machine. You open the application. The application shows a list of coffee varieties. You scroll up and down, compare, visualize, and basically roleplay having those tastes in your taste buds.

You pick the coffee type and now you have to configure the coffee. How strong you need? How much sugar? How much milk? etc. The app also suggests a default configuration so you can just click brew. But you did not. You wanted to make the perfect coffee possible. You fiddle through all possible nuances you can adjust and click brew.


You get your brother’s Netflix account for the weekend! You login. The home screen assumes that you like a particular movie and plays a clip of it on its own. You mute that down and scroll down. A particular thumbnail interests you. What would be your natural instinct? You hover over it! (At least to click)

The thumbnail starts playing a clip. ‘Oh!’ You watch it. Does not interest you. Some other thumbnail attracts you. You hover over it. Not quite interesting. You scroll down a bit. The hover-scrolling cycle continues until something convinces you to click.

Cursor Follows Attention

What is the…

I’m not my father.’ Rián started his election rally with that sentence.

The audience was dead silent.

The prejudice in our hearts has done a great disservice to this land all these years. We would have grown a lot if we had worked together rather than fighting over differences and opinions.

The audience murmured among themselves.

This election is not about left vs right. We won’t do identity politics this time. It is not about good vs evil. Things are not binary. I won’t shy away from appreciating the ruling party for their achievements. I never have.

Some audience stood…

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