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Have a look at the Zillow registration page below. It may look a bit verbose and busy. It may seem like we can take away the password requirements. Should it be there even before the user types it?

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Many sites won’t show the password requirements until the user finishes typing it. If we have a strict password policy that fails on the first attempt, the user would most probably say out loud,

So, I don’t really see a problem in the way…

You want to make coffee.

Image with a voice assistant sitting besides a jar of flakes.
Image with a voice assistant sitting besides a jar of flakes.

Scenario #1: Touch Interface

Your mobile phone has complete access to the coffee machine. You open the application. The application shows a list of coffee varieties. You scroll up and down, compare, visualize, and basically roleplay having those tastes in your taste buds.

You pick the coffee type and now you have to configure the coffee. How strong you need? How much sugar? How much milk? etc. The app also suggests a default configuration so you can just click brew. But you did not. You wanted to make the perfect coffee possible. You fiddle through all possible nuances you can adjust and click brew.


You get your brother’s Netflix account for the weekend! You login. The home screen assumes that you like a particular movie and plays a clip of it on its own. You mute that down and scroll down. A particular thumbnail interests you. What would be your natural instinct? You hover over it! (At least to click)

The thumbnail starts playing a clip. ‘Oh!’ You watch it. Does not interest you. Some other thumbnail attracts you. You hover over it. Not quite interesting. You scroll down a bit. The hover-scrolling cycle continues until something convinces you to click.

Cursor Follows Attention

What is the…

I’m not my father.’ Rián started his election rally with that sentence.

The audience was dead silent.

The prejudice in our hearts has done a great disservice to this land all these years. We would have grown a lot if we had worked together rather than fighting over differences and opinions.

The audience murmured among themselves.

This election is not about left vs right. We won’t do identity politics this time. It is not about good vs evil. Things are not binary. I won’t shy away from appreciating the ruling party for their achievements. I never have.

Some audience stood…

Known is a drop. Our passions come from the same drop. Maybe, when we explore other water droplets around us, we may see that the passion we had was just a facade.

How reliable is our passion when it can be influenced by a roadside ad banner?

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How Many Can Have This Passion?

How many out of the seven billion people can develop a passion for luxury cars? Almost everyone. How many can develop a passion for luxury mobile phones? How many can get passionate about their morning coffee or smoking weed if it's legal? What about legal cigarettes? …

Kim wanted to be successful.

She started brushing up on her mathematics as it was her majors in university. She stumbled upon how statistics plays a great role in Data Science which is quickly becoming a high-paying job. She, like the rest of us, had issues in focussing. She took one after another but did not persist in becoming good at anything. She wanted to develop her ability to focus. She ended up watching endless videos of self-help and got trapped on to a mindset guru who made a little fortune in online marketing and persuasion.

His favorite words.

It was two past midnight. Aunt Lilly sat outside of her home facing the empty street with her eyes closed. The neighborhood was mostly deserted because of the recent events happening there. She heard footsteps approaching behind her from the woods. She anticipated them yet trembled. She closed her eyes tightly. The footsteps appeared to be entering the main entrance. She kept the door open. ‘Lift your hands and show you are unarmed’ a morphed voice commanded her. She turned and did as she was asked. ‘Is there anyone else inside your home?’ the voice asked. She shook her head…


‘…பச்சரிசி 5 கிலோ, கோதுமை 1 கிலோ, சக்கரை 500 கிராம், கிளோஸ் அப் பேஸ்ட்..’ சிட்டையை சரி பார்த்து கொண்டிருந்த கடைக்காரர் சண்முகம் நிறுத்தினார் . ‘சிபாகா, கோல்கேட் எல்லாம் இருக்கே. ரெண்டு, மூனு ரூபாய் கம்மியா வரும். அதெல்லாம் ஆகாதா?

பரவாயில்லை இதுவே இருக்கட்டும்.’ தங்கவேலு பதில் கூறினான்.

ம்ம்ம்.. இருக்கட்டும். உங்க அப்பா நமக்கு சாயப்பட்டறைல வேல பாக்கறப்போவே ரொம்ப தோஸ்த்.

ஆமாங்க. அப்பா உங்கள பத்தி சொல்லிருக்காரு.

அப்போ டீ 20 பைசா காபி 25 பைசா. அவரு வாங்கினா டீ வாங்குவாரு. அடுத்தவங்க வாங்கி குடுத்தா காபி சொல்லுவாரு.

கடையில் வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் யாரும் இல்லை என்பதை உறுதி செய்து கொண்டான் தங்கவேலு. ‘அவரு அப்படி தான்.

அப்பிடி இருந்ததால தான் குடும்பத்தை காப்பாத்த முடிஞ்சுதுன்றேன் . உன்ன மேல படிக்க வச்சது எல்லாம் காசு சேத்து வெச்சதால தானே? …

The Dad asked everyone in the family to assemble in their TV room. ‘Switch off your phones and most importantly switch off any distractions in your mind.’ He does that every week. The Mom with the two children aged eleven and seven sat patiently.

What is the law of attraction?’ Dad asked the seven-year-old with a smiling face.

When we want something. We ask that and we get it.’ The child answered.

Whom do we ask to?’ Dad asked.

Universe god?’ the child asked doubtfully.

Dad looked desperately at the Mom. ‘We are doing this for almost a year now…

Justin wanted to earn a living. He did not try to learn a tangible skill or anything like that but decided to pursue a shady online course that randomly grabbed his attention and promised to make him earn a six-digit income without sweating. He learned how to make people make curious and click on something. He also upsold himself to buy other unreasonably costly courses that promised more income than the ones previously promised. At the end of the learning streak, He had gained three skills.

  • How to gain an online presence for himself.
  • How to make people curious about…

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