Gusuls was 60 years old and the oldest person in that city. He was teaching mathematics, natural science, and literature in the university hall. For the last 10 years are so, He got interested in observing the sky and he kept tracking and marking the movement of extraterrestrial objects. One day he started seeing a very interesting pattern between the sun’s and moon’s movement. He did not go to the university hall that day. Stayed in his study place and it suddenly hit him, he told himself, “The sun and moon are going to be aligned tomorrow! And this is what the dark sun is all about!”

He has experienced it once. The literature talks about it. There were misconceptions about this for a very long time in their society. On looking at their positions for the last few weeks and months, it became almost obvious to him.

Lord Ruthfar

“I do not understand your drawings teacher. I am concerned it must be something very important to be conveyed to the higher authorities.”

“Yes my Lord. We should talk to High-spirit and then the King about it. We have finally figured it out!” Gusuls was very happy. “There is nothing to worry about. It is just how they move. If we learn more about this, We can even predict when the next dark sun will happen!”

“None of our ancestors were happy about the sun going dark. There are stories where the sun went dark and never returned.”

“It will return my lord,” Gusuls told with a smiling face. “Every time.”

The High Spirit

“Are you responsible for this dark sun, Teacher Gusuls?”, High-spirit heard everything patiently and asked with his eyes locked at Gusuls.

“No, It is just a natural happening. The sun and moon are getting aligned and as the moon is nearer it will hide the sun for a short period. And the sun will be back when they both move away.”, Gusuls explained with his hands.

“Are you an accomplice in this dark sun, Teacher Gusuls?”, High-spirit asked again.

“He is not a part of this event my highness. He just came to my place this morning and told me about this. He also showed these proofs.”, Lord Ruthfar knows well about Gusuls and he believed Gusuls won’t think any harm to the nation.

“Are you an accomplice with Teacher Gusuls, Lord Ruthfar?”

“Your highness. There is no crime here. Teacher Gusuls just discovered about this.”

“Lord Ruthfar, If a person comes to you and tells about a murder that is about to happen in the future. What would you do?”

“This is not a bad happening like murder your highness.”, Gusuls said.

“I want to listen to Lord Ruthfar’s thoughts in this.” and saw Lord Ruthfar.

“I would ask how did he know that? Who is the murderer? and How can we stop that and catch the murderer?”

“Precisely!”, High-spirit raised his finger. “The person who knows about murder can stop that murder and catch the murderer only if he wills.” pointed that finger at Gusuls.

“Can I talk now?”, Gusuls asked High-spirit as he was being pointed.

“You will.”. High-spirit smiled and walked away.

The King

“They are asked to wait and are being guarded.”

“You think, Teacher Gusuls, and Lord Ruthfar must be executed?”

”Yes. Tomorrow is a new moon day. Is it a coincidence? A Sillonard does not need a sword to kill on a new moon day! His look may do the work. His breath may do the work. Even…” He came closer to King. “His mind may do the work.”

“How far can mind travel?”

“Farther the mind goes without the body, weaker it gets.”

King understood the problem. Stood up. Called the knight.

“Deport everyone out to the mountains. This evening, Any men, women, and children other than our soldiers staying in the city and within the mountains will be executed. And High-spirit, arrange for the biggest orison this empire has ever seen. This is war! An invisible one. Our ancestors have lived through it defeating evil Sillonards. We will too. Burn the university hall along with the books. Deport scholars and senior students away. Every child will be taught under High-spirit. Creating and propagating any text other than our scriptures are treason against the nation.”

The people of the nation were asked to leave on the day of the eclipse. High-spirit conducted a massive prayer with the cattle sacrificed to fire. When the sun started going dark, the high-spirit looked straight at the sun and spelled the important spells and make it come alive again. The whole nation waiting outside the mountains cheered. The high-spirit kept looking at the sun for the rest of the day to make sure the Sillonards did not make the sun go dark again. He lost his eyesight and saved the kingdom.


“And right before the people went completely frozen, the sun god Elorus came down holding the sun and here we are. Living in good warmth.” Gusuls smiled with bright eyes. “You all love Elorus?”

“Yes!”, Kids cheered.

“I am old and my hearing is not that good. Louder.”

“Yes!!!!!”, Kids cheered out loud.

“How much?”

The kids spread their hands wide.


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