Mrs. Sound sleep’s anti-aging treatment

She was talking to her very close friend at a party.

‘Your husband looks cool.’, her friend commented with a wink.

‘Oh… Thanks.’ She replied with a fake smile.

All hell broke loose when that same ex-friend said, ‘He looks a bit young for you. What is the age difference?’

‘2’ She said without looking at that person’s face.

‘Who’s elder?’ that enemy seriously wanted to know that.

‘Him.’ She pulled out the phone. Her hands shivered. ‘Hann… Mister. We are leaving now. Come to the car.’ — ‘*inaudible murmur at the other end*’ — ‘Okay, I will take a taxi’ — ‘*inaudible convincing*’ — ‘yea??? bye.’

The Evil self

On coming back to the house, She could not sleep like most of the days and was walking in zigzag in the bedroom. Her husband was sleeping peacefully.

‘So is that the reason? The sleep huh!’ She wondered. ‘I must sleep deep and sound too!’ She thought.

One voice interrupted. ‘Or, He must not sleep sound.’ the evil her reminded.

‘No evil me. That is not right. No!’

‘Ahaan. Well. He is a simple-minded man. You have a thousand things to think and worry about all the time. You live in caffeine. You can't sleep like him anyways. You will get worse along the way. More people will start asking the same question.’ her evil self reminded.

‘What should I do now?’

‘Listen carefully. Here is the plan…’ evil-she started devising a plan.

But, God appeared.

‘I hear your dilemma, Mrs. Sound sleep.’

‘Hello, God. I’m sad.’

‘Hello, Sad. I have a proposal for you.’ God offered as he walked towards Mr. Sound sleep. He was sleeping like a good matured baby. ‘A proposal that is fair and balanced as everything should be.’

‘I’m interested, God.’

‘I can transfer the health you want from your husband to you. But, You have to return him back the same amount of health you do not need. And I will be taking a small commission of 25% for doing the transfer. What say?’

‘Woah. Humm... I need to think.’

‘Take all your time young lady. I’ll be here till you make your decision’

After two hours.

‘Okay, here it is. 40% of his lower back and knee health to me. 40% of his hair density to me. 40% of his skin health to me. In return, I will give him, 40% of my heart, liver, lungs, and kidney health to him.’


‘Yes. How long it will take?’, She asked as she thought of going to her friend’s home the next morning turning young. But God had other ideas as always.

‘The procedure will take two to four months. I will come here every night and transfer health points. We will start the treatment tonight.’

‘Oh god. Two… months!’ She got very upset. Her friend will be leaving the city in the coming week. ‘Can you do it faster?’

‘I can. But I do not want to do it. One of my rules is not to make people aware that something spooky going around them. So, No. Sorry.’

‘I will give you extra commission for doing it faster.’

‘What percentage?’

‘You ask.’

‘No. You came up with this extra commission proposal. You must give a number!’

‘Okay. 50% health commission for you! And I want the treatment to be finished by this week. Deal?’

‘50%. So, The receiver gets half. Okay. Shall I commit the order?’


‘What are you thinking?’

‘Any other points to transfer?’

‘Brain points! Men and women usually trade brain points to beauty.’ God advised.

’Okay. 50 of my brain points. Do we have a commission for intrabody transfer?’

’Yes. 50 brian points can be transferred into 25 beauty points to you!’

‘Still 50% commission? What god?’

‘Yes. Shall I Commit the order?’


‘What now?’

‘Anything else to transfer?’

God rolled his eyes. ‘Alright. Here!’ God pulled the menu card and handed it over to her. She was delighted.

Two hours later.

‘Okay, I’ll repeat the order. 50 points from intelligence, empathy, honesty, and happiness will be transferred into beauty. 50% health from the back row teeth will be transferred to the front row teeth. Special orders for pointy nose, thin face, larger eyes, and tummy tuck will be charged at 75% commission. Is that all? Do you want to Commit?’

‘Yes, God. That is all.’ She looked at the menu one last time. ‘Commit!’ She said.

God rubbed his hands and generated a warm, radiating wave. He placed his hands on Mr. Sleep sound’s knees and started the procedure.


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