There Is News. But Not Everyday.

Fifty years ago. A journalist and a writer met on a flight journey.

After brief introductions, ‘I was wondering, how do you print an exact number of sheets in the newspaper every day?’ The writer asked.

Not an exact number of sheets. We do special additions for special occasions.’ The journalist said.

Then how do you fill the minimum number of sheets every day consistently?

Things happen every day don’t they?

Not really…’ The writer wondered.

‘…’ The journalist stayed calm.

In my university days, I used to fill the answer sheets with less relevant things and try to make it look like legible answers. Do you ever feel like that?

The journalist stared at the writer. ‘No. We skip a lot of news but never have run out of news. Never! If a statistic says, young women, are ditching skirts for jean pants that is news.

Why would people need to know that?

Why wouldn’t they want to know what is going on around them?

Yea I agree. People are bored.

‘…’ The journalist stood up and looked for a book or something to distract himself.

I get this sense that whatever I write should have a purpose to exist even after I die.’ The writer brought himself into the topic.

*scoffs* Come on, you can not compare a daily newspaper with fiction or whatever you are into. The newspaper itself dies every night.

That is right.’ The writer agreed. An awkward silence prevailed. ‘That is why I don’t read newspapers.

You are welcome.’ The journalist grabbed something he got hold of and came back to his seat.

Why would I have to buy newspapers every day when the important things happen only a fraction of days. It feels like looking at the sky waiting for shooting stars. Or sitting at my typewriter waiting for ideas *laughs*. I hope it is the same for you.

No. It is not.’ The journalist went inside the something he took from his bag. He had a fashion article that emphasized the importance of the cloche hat in the everyday wardrobe.

And, they have expanded the news on the television from 15 minutes to 30 minutes! I can’t imagine how they are going to fill the time with things that matter!

‘…’ The journalist did not bother to answer.


I’m in my flight here guys. Nice comfortable seats right here. Wow, it is comfortable. I gotta say this. It is very cozy. Feels real good. Real comfy. Woah, check this window. It’s crazy. A beautiful polished white window with nice grips to open them. Nice and smooth. Yea baby. That is right! Yo! Check this out! It is very hard. *knocks at the glass* It sure feels hard and sturdy. It is gonna be a hell of a ride y‘all. I can guarantee y’all that. It is gonna be a hell of a ride. Yo people, check this out! Water can. It is so nice. I’m pretty sure it won't taste good. *cracks himself up* What y’all think? Poco66 says ‘Drink it’. No man never! Never!!!! I never drink airline water. You know why? I think I never ever have drank this stuff right from my childhood. I never drink water provided by airlines. You wanna know why? Also, *raises finger* I don’t eat anything they provide too. I never ever eat anything they give here. No airline food. I can starve myself and die peacefully. That would be so.. so.. comfortable. Their sandwiches and sauces, I don’t know. But the presentation is very nice. I gotta admit that. I like hospitality about how they greet you. How they smile at you. I like them all. They are the most pleasant creatures ever. And... when I say that.. *raises finger* I mean it. The air hostesses are the most elegant creatures that lived on earth. JumboKid says introduce your crew. I will man. I would love to. They are my family now *cracks himself* We will have a real good time today. It’s gonna be fun. And about the big announcement… and before that, I’m really really sorry guys for keeping y’all waiting for this long for this. I know y’all are waiting for this announcement for such a long period now. I guess I made you wait for what two weeks now I guess? And here it is… I’m gonna team up with… drumroll please… Chimpchat for our next streaming. That is right guys. Chimpchat with us in this channel! How crazy it is? Imagine that! Humpy said I can’t wait. Me too humpy boy. Me too. I’m looking forward to share this screen. We are going to talk about everything right in this channel.… Everything! And guess what? He promised he will tell us something about his girlfriend which he never ever disclosed on his own channel. How cool is that? I can’t seriously wait to get to know that. He has been through some tough times these days. We have to let him know we are all there for him no matter what. I remember how you guys where there when I went through similar stuff if you know what I mean. Harrymp4 says a crossover joke. Haha good one Harrymp4. That was funny. And… I’m laughing... *laughs* You won. You know what? I have to take a dump real quick now. Not urgent of any sort. But I think like… um… going to the bathroom now. And I’ve no probs with the airline toilets. Its not like the water or food here. A little claustrophobic I’d say but I’m okay with that.. completely. Let’s go check the toilet real quick. Shall we? I hope they have…

The budding live streamer had a 56k live audience which is well under his usual traffic. The air hostess asked him to stop recording before the takeoff. That turned out to be fruitful for him. His video ‘Why I changed my views about air hostesses’ with a disappointing face on thumbnail gained over a million views within a week. Life continued nevertheless.

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