‘Oh… I’ve seen her. Melisa, the blonde girl that does the fashion youtube videos?’ The interviewer acknowledged.

‘Yeah… Isn’t she stupid?’, Amanda giggled.

‘I don't know. Why would you call her that?’

‘Melisa? Are you mad? She fa*** in sleep and now she is doing fashion videos and that is the L… O… L… of the century!’

Amanda is known as a you-tuber too who releases electronic songs and lifestyle videos. Melisa was her roommate in the school hostel. Both did not go to college. Both started Youtube channels and they did not like each other.

Melisa replied to Amanda through her next youtube video and tweeted with the comment, ‘I have your ugly secrets too, Amanda’. It started a series of follow-ups, rants, replies and the sensation did not pick up until Amanda called Melisa overweight. Melisa raised her surprise in her next video asking when was she overweight?. Amanda recalled Melisa being overweight when she was a kid and that Melisa has always been fatter than Amanda.

That finally triggered the first internet sensation. Hashtags started trending #SayNoToSizeZero, #EatHealthyBeHealthy, #FatIsNotEvil. Doctors were asked about this internet discussion. There was clearly a division among them too. Half supported Melisa and ‘being fatter is healthier’ with comments like ‘In the renaissance paintings, you can find almost all women are well-fed, healthy and chubby’. Soon the radical feminists started joining #MelisaArmy and hence the anti-feminists started joining #TheAmandaArmy. It became political.

In a short span of three months, The follower count went from 6512 to 112,088 for Amanda and 1019 to 198,022 for Melisa.

Melisa had the upper hand until she posted a video of her eating a lamb. Vegans marched in thousands into #TheAmandaArmy. Amanda tweeted saying, ‘Thanks for the love V’s. I will stay a vegan one day every week for the rest of my life to show my gratitude for your love.’ That became the most loved and retweeted tweet of the week. That brought Amanda’s follower count to a million. Doctors were asked about the ongoing debate, Some supported Melisa saying, ‘Human beings are omnivorous by nature. There is nothing to complain about being a non-vegetarian.’ Some raised concerns over the poor conditions of the cattle and the emission of greenhouse gas in the process of meat production. This went for a month before the next one hit.

The meme game

Melisa retweeted a video of a donkey auto-tuned into one of Amanda’s musical albums with the caption ‘Who made this? :D The donkey is clearly the winner here! LOL’.

The issue reached a massive crowd when a very popular DJ retweeted it with the caption, ’Art is art. Digital art is nothing inferior to organic ones.’

People were divided again. The feminists, fatter people, non-vegetarian people started considered themselves as conservatives of organic art and started going to concerts.

The slim ones and vegans started listening to more electronic music and considered themselves modern and progressive. They got divided between ebooks vs physical books, Climate change vs no climate change and similar sort of things. Republicans and religious people started supporting #MelisaArmy. Melisa started going to Church and posted about it. Amanda shared memes supporting immigrants and Melisa shared memes against it.

The whole bunch of youtube channels started creating content titled, “The problem with Melisa/Amanda”, “Why Melisa/Amanda is a bad person by nature”. ’10 reasons you should follow this rivalry!’ and made a living.

The Money Game

Melinda opened her first apparel store in New York and promised to open throughout the country. ‘Dressing well is living well’ Melisa tweeted about the store. Amanda tweeted a picture of her doing yoga wearing a stained T-shirt saying,’ When your heart is white and your soul is pure…’

Melisa tweeted, ’Says the one who stole my boyfriend.’

The business skyrocketed. It took 6 months to reach the 100th Melisa’s garments store all over the world. Anything that is being introduced by Melisa is right for half of the spectators of this rivalry. Anything that is produced by Amanda is right of the remaining. The Forbes magazine listed Melisa’s net worth as nearly a hundred million USD.

Amanda tweeted the Forbes list with Melisa’s name. ‘People now understand what she is after.’. Amanda had almost double the number of followers at that time. ‘I favor hearts over money’ She said.

Melisa replied with,’LOL! Because you can’t. A musician can’t.’

Amanda immediately came up with a worldwide musical tour for the rest of the year and tweeted, ‘Yea? Let us see! Who becomes billionaire!’.

Melisa tweeted,’Billionaire? Are you a millionaire! I did not know!’. The tickets of Amanda’s shows were priced with a huge tag and the shows were already booked for the next 3 months. Money started pouring in. Amanda’s franchises were becoming a thing too matching Melisa’s garments sales. Forbes listed both of them being worth nearly a quarter a billion each. Then an interviewer asked Amanda this,

‘Your tours did not include third world countries like India or African ones, is that because they can’t afford your tickets?’, an interviewer asked Amanda.

‘It is not about affordability. But the tastes. They do not understand my music yet. But I acknowledge that they have started appreciating good music these days. It will take some time for them to get there.’

‘How long you’d say?’

‘Five years?’

Indian people erupted in social media claiming they had music far before the world even existed. This ended up Amanda losing 2% of the followers and franchise sales. Melisa opened a massive chain of Melisa’s garments in India with affordable prices and tweeted, ‘Indian people have the best tastes of what to wear!’. Melisa became Billionaire when she was 25.

‘Now who is laughing?’ Melisa tweeted with the Forbes list of Billionaires. ‘Where are you, Amanda? I’m not seeing you.’

Amanda tweeted, ‘If #TheAmandaArmy has decided this is what I’m worth for. No Regrets!’


#TheAmandaArmy managed to make Amanda a billionaire by her 32nd age with 2 grammies and several honorable awards. Amanda received her Nobel prize for Peace at 62 and died at 87.

Melisa won easily as governor of Utah at her age 40. She was named for a presidential candidate for the republican party but did not make the election. Melisa died leaving a giant fashion empire worth $50B to her family at 84.

They both never talked to each other since they were 17 years old.


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