TENET is too pretentious and that too at the wrong places. (Movie rant)

TLDR: How about saving time and the spectacular visuals for the necessary things next time?

Tenet movie poster
Tenet movie poster

-The theoretical physicist.

Heavy spoilers ahead.

1. A 747 crashing into FREEPORT

It is clear that the movie takes pride in doing that with the dialog ‘That part is little dramatic’. It did not feel dramatic to me on watching that on-screen as it is not uncommon in Hollywood movies. But, it felt dramatic when I knew that they bought an actual 747 and crashed it(after selling the engines). Why is the marketing material becomes essential to enhance my experience in the movie?

Why did they crash the plane in the first place?

To gain the trust of an estranged wife who mistakenly sold a forged art to his husband. (I still do not understand or too bored to understand what the hell is going on with the god damn painting?) After the protagonist knows about Sator, the movie spends 30 god damn minutes to spell the word ‘Do you like opera?’ to catch the villain’s attention after establishing a connection with the tall woman by doing visually spectacular things.

2. Cataraman Sailing

What do you know about opera?’. There is so much innocence in that dialog. Maybe it was his choice of simple words or his expression while delivering that line. I felt empathy for him. He was in such a hostile situation sitting in a 50 knots per hour boat in between a murderous wife and a person with no records to know what he is up to. I wanted to save him from dying.

3. The Heist

Required scene!

4. Sator comes in an inverted car to get what he wants.

The whole temporal pincer operation by (the otherwise innocent) Sator is amazing. But here Sator uses another unwritten rule in Hollywood which demands the audience to care for the character we know. In Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas, when everyone is dying, a practical mind will prepare itself to lose anything. But the movie asks us to care for the characters as we were told their back story. Here at this point, what if we sacrifice the tall lady and save the earth instead?

5. The spectacular inverted car crash in the trailer.

So, the inverted car crash we all saw a thousand times was in fact the protagonist himself! What purpose did this visually spectacular inverted car crash bring to the movie? The inverted car served as the bounce pad for them to exchange the orange box in a highly unpractical fashion.

6. FREEPORT fight scene:

If I had heard this from a friend who had watched this movie, it would have easily been the coolest thing I had heard in months. A normal person and a reversed person fighting each other! The actors and the choreographer did pretty convincing jobs on their part. On looking at the reversed clips we can’t tell who in which clip did the inverted part.

7. Two people in pretty locations walking and talking.

I’ve no complaints about the number of exposition scenes. But if you watch those scenes closely, the dialogs were edited pretty tight to each other. (as we have wasted almost half of the movie caring about the art, 747, and the flying catamaran)

8. The Final War

This contains some of the visually spectacular and relevant-to-plot scenes at the same time! The temporal pincer ten-> <-ten and all those stuff were interesting to watch following the final reveal by Niel that he knew the protagonist for so long but it is just a beginning for the protagonist. I’m still wrapping my head around this idea. Spectacular concept of a relationship that I have never heard before (or understood to this point).

Final thoughts:

  1. Pretentious dialogs: Even though I liked many dialogs like ‘I presume you mean Sir Micheal Crosby’s Lunch.’ — ‘Presume away’. Some like ‘You can’t jibe a boat like that!’ sound very pretentious to me personally. Actors also seem to be forced to rush their deliveries with the editor having a knife at his throat to cut any gaps inbetween lines.
  2. CGI can be your friend: It is more majestic to watch the 747 crash on to the sets by watching it live standing in the sets in person. If I’m a guy into those sorts I would not want to do CGI anymore. But it is to be noted that it is not very helpful for the audience.
  3. Is it a necessary (or remotely interesting) sub-plot? No matter how long we were asked to watch Kat and her suffering from domestic violence, It feels nothing in front of a greater ‘World war III level’ threat we were promised. It gets confusing not necessarily because of some advanced physics, but due to the irrelevant choices the characters continuously make to achieve irrelevant stuff.

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