Mr. Morris Duran, a wealthy man was seriously ill in his death bed. He called upon his two sons to have his last words. The elder son Andre Duran aged 27 showed up while the second one Edward Duran aged 19 did not. Mr. Morris waited for his youngest son holding his life for too long and died without uttering his long rehearsed last words. But the lawyer conveniently had his will. The will read, ‘Andre and Edward are brothers. Their children are brothers and sisters to each other. Every Duran on this earth shares my wealth equally.’

Andre was a well educated and sincere man. He felt the responsibility his father had left behind. Edward was not a sincere but rather a simple man. He was doing college but he never passed one subject. He met Sylvia at the college. She belonged to a hard-working community from the same city. Edward brought Sylvia home and married her. Edward did not go to college after that.

Edward and Sylvia had their first beautiful child a girl within 6 months of their marriage. Andre was happy to see the Duran family grow in size to four now after losing Duran. The family cheered. Andre said Sylvia wanted to give a great feast that the city had never witnessed. Andre was more than happy to do that. The city welcomed the newborn girl with the feast. Sylvia got pregnant again. Andre expressed his happiness and wished it was a boy for a variation if there are any.

Sylvia gave birth to a beautiful boy everyone wished. Another big feast was given to the city to welcome the boy. The city welcomed the new boy as required. The city thought, they won't get a feast like that again. After the girl and a boy, Edward and Sylvia proved the city wrong. They gave a bigger feast for the third child an amazing girl baby this time. The fourth child too, a boy did see a good feast given for his arrival.

After the fifth child, Sylvia asked Andre to marry her sister Bianca. Andre even though he was almost 32, did not want marriage. At the sixth child’s welcome feast, Andre fell in love with Anna. Anna was educated. Anna gave birth to a boy baby after 1 year of marriage while Sylvia was carrying her eighth child.

The ones born earlier were growing faster. One by one, they started crawling, walking, running, and breaking things. Some chose to sleep in the day and shout all night. The earliest ones the girl-boy-girl trio got civilized enough to compare their respective welcome-feasts. In a furious fight, one of the three said, if he/she got access to a time machine, he/she would go back in time and poison the feasts other than hers/his.

Sylvia got severely ill during her tenth baby. She stayed bedridden for three months after labor. Her body refused proper food. She got so weak. One day, She lost consciousness and slipped into a coma suddenly. Doctors were brought to treat. Sylvia did not respond to any medication and nutrient supplements. The Duran family turned sad. After all most of the Duran family is Sylvia herself now. The babies were sad disproportionately. The elder ones put their fights on hold until further notice. Anna took good care of the ones in barely walking, crawling, and the previous states. Especially the latest one who needed extra care.

After a week, the doctors were able to bring Sylvia out to consciousness for a brief amount of time. She cried looking at her husband and children. The doctors asked her to calm down as it can worsen her condition. She held her consciousness until She asked Edward to marry Bianca. That sounded reasonable as Edward was only 28 at that time and he has a long way to go. Edward resisted the idea. Andre stepped in and convinced Edward and Bianca for the marriage. They married.

After the required some months, Sylvia and Bianca gave birth to the eleventh and twelfth babies respectively. The Duran family decided to give a huge feast for the city as they have two new entries along with the return of Sylvia. Andre and Edward wanted it to be the biggest of all. But someone poisoned the food. A lot of people suffered. The city asked the Duran family not to give anymore feast. The Duran family, already having consecutive bad financial years opted to stop feasts for some time. The grown children who were living in Andre’s house caused a major fire accident over a fight. The renovation caused a beefy bill.

By the time the thirteenth and fourteenth babies arrived from Edward’s wives, Anna raised concerns about the inflation in the Duran family’s wealth. Andre ignored the concerns until he heard about their pregnancies again. Andre and Anna were informed by the lawyer that they will get 3:17. Andre wanted to do that as in a few months that share will reduce to 3:19. Andre, Edward, and the wives discussed and came to an agreement to divide the wealth into 3: 19 including the shares of the about-to-be-born babies.

Andre, Anna, and their child bought a small house and started their lives. Anna worked hard to get a job in the local city government office. Andre started a shop and worked tirelessly. The child was minding his business. They felt content with the small house. Anna planned and saved up for the family’s future commitments. Things were going smoothly for Andre.

Edward's family suffered from a serious lack of education. They faced losses after losses. In a span of three years, Their wealth submerged under the debt. The lenders one by one plundered on the Duran family’s assets. Edward, wives, and children rented a small house. Andre was disappointed about this and went to meet Edward’s family. On seeing Andre, Edwards kids surrounded him and asked if he had anything to eat. Andre’s heart thawed. But he was not sure if He and Anna can feed all the kids he could not count. Andre came up with a plan.

Andre said He will choose the most talented children out of the total and can take care of all the expenses. He also gave a quota of 4 kids at any given time. Edward and wives requested to raise the quota to 6 children and managed to finalize the deal with 5 children. The children were given assessment tests according to their ages. The 5 sharp minds were chosen and left happily to Andre’s house. They received proper food and education.

The remaining were left with Edward in hunger and poverty. Some of them prepared for Andre’s next year's assessment to escape poverty. Some of them lost or did not possess any interest to get into Andre’s house. The nothing-to-lose kids indulged themselves in criminal activities. Some found success. Some failed and got jailed. Some kept trying for a better life through both ethical as well as the other ways. Hunger won dignity.

By the time, Edward and his wives tried hard and reduced their population growth, one after another the uneducated elder kids started marrying and bearing kids. The population surged. Not everyone stayed with the poverty-ridden Edward. But they sure came back for help whenever required. The successful kids living in Andre’s managed to do their part. They helped their home. But that was not sufficient. Year after year, Andre also saw hungry and desperate kids of Edward coming to Andre and refused to leave. Andre had to deport some of them. But some stayed.

Kids in Andre’s house protested to abolish these boundaries within the family. They accused Andre and Anna of being inhumane for not accepting the hungry children into their home. Common people too commented out on the comfortable life of Andre and Anna with a car, costly dresses, and so on while the fellow beings were hungry.

The uneased city decided to give up on Andre and stepped in to rescue. The warm-hearted wealthy families started welcoming Edward’s children and grandchildren into their homes. They felt they as a society have more than enough food to feed Edward’s hungry children. The population started steadily increasing once again.

Years passed. The relationship between the Edwards children and the children of the home was never very smooth. There were protests against the Edwards children asking for equal rights. Some warm-hearted people gave an equal share in their assets and lived as a good example. But some turned not-so-warm and started discriminating Edward’s children. Some denied them education. Some kicked them out and stayed as a bad example. The latter backfired. Many of Edward’s children turned hungry and homeless again. They started involving themselves in unethical businesses. Crime exploded. Many started looking at Edward’s children as a threat to the city’s peace. They were denied jobs in most of the places.

Edward’s 18th son Marcel started a political party to fight against discrimination. Marcel happened to be in extreme conditions. He throughout his life had suffered. He had seen people treating him as a lesser human being. Marcel asked Edward to lead the party. Edward was 60 and did not show interest. Marcel spoke the pain in his heart. His words carried truth. He collected all of Edwards children, the families they have married to, and warm-hearted people of the city under one roof. Marcel won the election and became the Mayor. The laws were corrected and the tides changed once for all.

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