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The Dad asked everyone in the family to assemble in their TV room. ‘Switch off your phones and most importantly switch off any distractions in your mind.’ He does that every week. The Mom with the two children aged eleven and seven sat patiently.

What is the law of attraction?’ Dad asked the seven-year-old with a smiling face.

When we want something. We ask that and we get it.’ The child answered.

Whom do we ask to?’ Dad asked.

Universe god?’ the child asked doubtfully.

Dad looked desperately at the Mom. ‘We are doing this for almost a year now and here we are.’ The mom did not reply.

Whom do we ask to?’ Dad asked the eleven-year-old.

The universe.’ eleven-year said looking down.

Correct.’ Dad looked at the ceiling. ‘We know the answers! We know you, universe. We know you are all-powerful and can give us anything we want. We know you exist and listen to us all day. My family is getting prosperous. My wife is getting that fifty-million-dollar mansion she wished for. I’m getting that hundred thousand dollar monthly cheques deposited every month.’ He looked at his family with a positive face. Talking with the universe and rehearsing their manifestation cheered him a bit. ‘Believe me, next week we all are going to do our manifestations together as powerful as humanly positive. Ready??’ Dad felt so bright.

Yeah.’ the seven-year-old answered with a cute smile as the meeting seems to be ending.

Dad looked at the other two. The eleven-year-old had brought some light in his face to end the meeting. The Mom did not bother to bring anything in her face. She looked worried and upset. That made him so angry inside and could not resist breaking his smile.

Your face has ruined everything we manifested these many years.’ Dad stopped abruptly and closed his mouth. He got really upset with himself that he uttered those negative words. ‘Your face is glowing in happiness. Your face is bringing prosperity to our children and family. Your face is the luck we need. Your face is majestic.’ Dad quickly nullified the negativity he spelled and had the smile back. The kids were anxious to get out.

Shall I go play?’ the seven-year-old asked.

What are you going to play? Video games? In your dad’s old cell phone?


See guys. If we do these manifestation gatherings well, we are going to own anything we want. Anything!’ Turned to the eleven-year-old and asked, ‘What happened to your RTX 2080 Ti 64 Gig RAM 2TB M.2 PCIe SSD gaming computer with a 38 inches ultra gear Curved 21:9 Ultrawide monitor set up?


See? I remember your dream! I remember every detail of it. The nuances are important. The universe is listening. We should make it as clear as possible for our universe to bring us the things in the exact configuration as we want.

We will do well next week.’ the eleven-year-old murmured.

Yea? Okay. You have just postponed your gaming PC for a week. Congratulations.’ Dad said.

The eleven-year-old had stopped wishing for anything by that time.

We will do it very sincerely next week. The universe will prioritize our wishes quicker.’ the eleven-year-old convinced dad to end the meeting.

What stops you to do the same today? What stopped you for the last one whole year.

We manifested nicely only’ the seven-year-old said.

Manifested? And when did you stop exactly?’ Dad looked at both the kids. The first one got uneasy. ‘Are you kids doing your bedtime manifestation? Every day?’ Dad asked in a stubborn voice.

Yes.’ the seven-year-old lied. That brought some peace to his brother's mind.

You guys are awesome. You guys are realizing the power of our inner mind and its connection with the universe every day. We are rocking this life. We are our universe’s beloved children.

Yes.’ the seven-year-old replied for his Dad’s prayers.

Let's do one manifestation wholeheartedly now.

‘…’ Everyone was tired and was looking at each other. That made Dad very unhappy but he wanted to stay positive.

Okay. Here is the deal. You guys choose the manifestation today. Let me give you the options.

Okay.’ the seven-year-old.

The swiss stay manifestation by my beloved wife and your amazing Mom. The Bentley ride by yours faithfully. Our own island by my eleven-year-old master manifester and last but not least The underwater house with a cool submarine by my super mind seven-year-old.

Bentley ride’ the elder son told. He knows the other manifestations relatively go longer. Sometimes even for hours.

Really? You are interested in making your dad’s dream come true more than your own dreams? That's so touching. I’m so glad that the universe has given me such a family.’ the dad had tears in his eyes. He had happiness on his face. The family sat there with dead eyes. ‘Ok. Let's begin.

Dad stood up and walked towards the couch. The family knows the procedure. They followed. The elder son touched his stomach looking at his mom squeezing his eyes. She did not respond. She walked and stood behind the couch with dead eyes. Especially in a food insecure household, it gets too depressing. Dad sat on the old and dusty couch, blindfolded himself and passed the others their dark ribbons.

Whos coming to the front seat?’ Dad asked.

Me’ the seven-year-old volunteered.

I know you will. Your mom used to share the front seat with me in these manifestations. I’d like her here. Can you accompany your brother in the back seat? We got great toys there in the back seat. We have the costliest ones just for this one ride. How about that? Are you thrilled?

The seven-year-old looked at his mom. She looked somewhere else. He turned to his dad and said in a crying voice. ‘Dad. Please. I want to be in the front seat. Please this one time.

Dad hugged him. ‘I love you. you can be here. let us start. Let's all tie our eyes. Backseaters are you ready? Here we go. We are locking our home Clich *mimicking the home clock*. Our garage is as big as two tennis courts combined together. We have our Bentleys lined up on the right side. Hey, younger son, I have a question for you.

Yes, dad.

Why don’t we buy anything else other than Bentleys?

They are not nice.

Precisely. They are not nice. They are well below what we deserve for our discipline towards the universe. We walk towards the red one now. I can hear your Mom’s heals behind me.’ Dad said. Mom was sobbing with no sound standing behind the old couch. The elder son was tightly holding his mom’s hands standing near by. ‘Peep Peep*mimics opening the car door with the remote* someone wanted the front seat. Where is that destined-to-win kid?’ Dad fakely looked for his younger son.

I’m here only dad. I’m opening that side of the car. I’m entering into it. Umm.. Its cool.’ the young blindfolded child answered.

Does anyone feel any difference inside the car today?’ Dad asked with a smile.

‘…’ The little son could not instantly recall what it could be. They had done the manifestation quite a lot of times.

What? I’m surprised. Nobody notices anything new in the car?

‘*clears throat* Perfume…’ The mom murmured with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Oh. You’ve changed the perfume dad. I notice it now.’ The young son grabbed it quickly.

Yea… Do you like this? Which one do you prefer? This one or the previous one?

I liked the old one but I think I will like this too. It's so refreshing. It's cool.’ the child said sniffing his nose.

Vroom…’ Dad raised his voice. ‘How’s the sound? It’s the sound. Bentleys are for their sound. The Bentleys… They just sound like the gods themselves. Vroom Vrooom Vroooom… Change the gear kid. We are about to take off!’ dad asked with a real sense of happiness on his face.

Yes. Dad. Clichk’ The seven-year-old mimicked changing the gear.

Vrrr… rrr…rrr…rrroommmmmmm’ the dad started driving.

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