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It was two past midnight. Aunt Lilly sat outside of her home facing the empty street with her eyes closed. The neighborhood was mostly deserted because of the recent events happening there. She heard footsteps approaching behind her from the woods. She anticipated them yet trembled. She closed her eyes tightly. The footsteps appeared to be entering the main entrance. She kept the door open. ‘Lift your hands and show you are unarmed’ a morphed voice commanded her. She turned and did as she was asked. ‘Is there anyone else inside your home?’ the voice asked. She shook her head. ‘Keep your eyes closed and recite your prayers wholeheartedly till the process ends’. She agreed. ‘Are your safety lockers open?’. She nodded. The footsteps entered her home. …


‘…பச்சரிசி 5 கிலோ, கோதுமை 1 கிலோ, சக்கரை 500 கிராம், கிளோஸ் அப் பேஸ்ட்..’ சிட்டையை சரி பார்த்து கொண்டிருந்த கடைக்காரர் சண்முகம் நிறுத்தினார் . ‘சிபாகா, கோல்கேட் எல்லாம் இருக்கே. ரெண்டு, மூனு ரூபாய் கம்மியா வரும். அதெல்லாம் ஆகாதா?

பரவாயில்லை இதுவே இருக்கட்டும்.’ தங்கவேலு பதில் கூறினான்.

ம்ம்ம்.. இருக்கட்டும். உங்க அப்பா நமக்கு சாயப்பட்டறைல வேல பாக்கறப்போவே ரொம்ப தோஸ்த்.

ஆமாங்க. அப்பா உங்கள பத்தி சொல்லிருக்காரு.

அப்போ டீ 20 பைசா காபி 25 பைசா. அவரு வாங்கினா டீ வாங்குவாரு. அடுத்தவங்க வாங்கி குடுத்தா காபி சொல்லுவாரு.

கடையில் வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் யாரும் இல்லை என்பதை உறுதி செய்து கொண்டான் தங்கவேலு. ‘அவரு அப்படி தான்.

அப்பிடி இருந்ததால தான் குடும்பத்தை காப்பாத்த முடிஞ்சுதுன்றேன் . உன்ன மேல படிக்க வச்சது எல்லாம் காசு சேத்து வெச்சதால தானே? …

The Dad asked everyone in the family to assemble in their TV room. ‘Switch off your phones and most importantly switch off any distractions in your mind.’ He does that every week. The Mom with the two children aged eleven and seven sat patiently.

What is the law of attraction?’ Dad asked the seven-year-old with a smiling face.

When we want something. We ask that and we get it.’ The child answered.

Whom do we ask to?’ Dad asked.

Universe god?’ the child asked doubtfully.

Dad looked desperately at the Mom. ‘We are doing this for almost a year now and here we are.’ …

Justin wanted to earn a living. He did not try to learn a tangible skill or anything like that but decided to pursue a shady online course that randomly grabbed his attention and promised to make him earn a six-digit income without sweating. He learned how to make people make curious and click on something. He also upsold himself to buy other unreasonably costly courses that promised more income than the ones previously promised. At the end of the learning streak, He had gained three skills.

  • How to gain an online presence for himself.
  • How to make people curious about something. …

Justin died at 34. He was a popular social media influencer with millions of followers across his various social media accounts. It was 10.30 am. He was creating that motivational poster that he does every morning as his first work. He started feeling uncomfortable in his chest, followed by a crushing pain. He called the ambulance and waited patiently. He lived alone. He rented that condo for two weeks a week back. He photoshoot himself doing casual daily chores all over the condo for him to post for the whole year in his accounts.

Time went slowly. He felt bored. His neighbors crossed his entrance. One noticed and asked if he is ok. Justin said he has called the ambulance and it is on its way. The neighbor stood there for a while and left. He had no one to call. He did not have anyone to say goodbye to. He did not have anyone to write a letter written with a pen on an actual paper to. He waited patiently trying to stabilize his breath. The crushing pain did not seem to progress anywhere. …

Udemy is Valuated at $2 Billion with 35 Million users as of early 2020. It is an online education site that creates a platform for the instructors to teach and students to learn. Let’s discuss the four major things that make it compelling.

1. An ample number of sample videos

You might have come across the shady pitches that sell a digital product. When they do not have a quality product, it is hard to provide samples but just promises. Udemy allows the instructors to put up sample videos that work well convincing the users.

Image for post
Image for post

How habit-forming is this? After all, a pitch needs to introduce the technology or the skill as quickly as possible. And when Udemy has more options for the same technology/skill, the users will start choosing between them. People can effortlessly spend an infinite amount of time (figurative speech) choosing between options before buying. …

Fifty years ago. A journalist and a writer met on a flight journey.

After brief introductions, ‘I was wondering, how do you print an exact number of sheets in the newspaper every day?’ The writer asked.

Not an exact number of sheets. We do special additions for special occasions.’ The journalist said.

Then how do you fill the minimum number of sheets every day consistently?

Things happen every day don’t they?

Not really…’ The writer wondered.

‘…’ The journalist stayed calm.

In my university days, I used to fill the answer sheets with less relevant things and try to make it look like legible answers. …

TLDR: How about saving time and the spectacular visuals for the necessary things next time?

Tenet movie poster
Tenet movie poster

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

-The theoretical physicist.

Heavy spoilers ahead.

Because their oceans rose and their rivers ran dry. Don’t you see? They have no option but to turn back.’

It blew my mind. The future generations are clearing the earth for them to live backward towards the past. So that is the problem they are fixing. Now we have to talk about the visually spectacular scenes in the movie.

1. A 747 crashing into FREEPORT

It is clear that the movie takes pride in doing that with the dialog ‘That part is little dramatic’. It did not feel dramatic to me on watching that on-screen as it is not uncommon in Hollywood movies. But, it felt dramatic when I knew that they bought an actual 747 and crashed it(after selling the engines). Why is the marketing material becomes essential to enhance my experience in the movie? …

You went missing, leaving her alone in this remote house for four days.’ The angry son asked his dad.

It is all good now. Let him come in first. He should be hungry.’ Meera tried to ease the situation.

When did you come? It is good to see you back.’ Murti entered the house patting his only son.

I’m going to get Mom with me this time. It is not safe for her here. It has never been safe for her. She is sixty-seven.

Oh. Yes. I see her luggage nicely packed already.’ Murti did not show any emotions.

We were afraid you won't come back Murti. Your son had to come all the way from *a developed nation*’ Murti’s long time friend Narayanan was there along with the other forest department who rescued Murti and others from the landslide. …


Today, we have Mr. Jorge Canmore with us. He is one of the global representatives of the Canmore community from the nation Canmore land. He has dedicated most of his life to bring justice to Canmores all over the world. Mr. Jorge, Before beginning this interview, I would like to inform the audience that this is not a criticism or commentary over a particular race, religion, culture, or any identity whatsoever. The sole purpose of this interview is to clear the ignorance and misconceptions in the common public about a subject that is becoming a discussion now. — Welcome Jorge.’ …

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